JAMA le idee nuove possono generare sistemi nuovi e far risparmiare e portare la sainta’a  fungere da volano. What Other Industries Can Learn From Health Care

16 Feb

This Viewpoint discusses the ideals and values that other industries can learn from health care organizations.

Sorgente: JAMA Network | JAMA Internal Medicine | What Other Industries Can Learn From Health Care


What has been the effect of this influx of fresh ideas into the health care sector? Health care consultants are expected to enable hospitals to deliver better value for patients, fuel innovation, and reduce the cost and complexity of operating systems.1 Practices have changed in health care organizations. Some hospitals have implemented “lean” manufacturing methods, originally developed by Japanese motor companies. Others have introduced the Ritz-Carlton or Disney cultures of customer service. Successful as these initiatives may be on a small scale, evidence for a meaningful effect of all these measures on important patient outcomes, major health care innovation, and substantial cost reduction is often lacking.2 It might well be that the complexity of hospital organizations in which patient care, and often research and education, are fully integrated is too immense or unique to merely duplicate ideas from other industries.



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